You are going to wake up one day and look back on everything you did. You will see that you could have done more with the time you were given! Most of the reason you will notice this is because the lack of motivation to push yourself! Maybe you didn’t have something that would push you to the end of the earth. One thing you should ask yourself is how much did you get out of that little bubble which is your comfort zone? Like seriously, how much did you push yourself out of it? If that answer is not very much, then you will not be happy at the end of your days. Anyone reading this is alive and can change that! If you are already on the train of building that comfort to be huge and always testing yourself, then I’m proud of you! We have to accept where we are and build the way to go where we want to go! We have to take responsibility for everything we do and where we are in life! We are the best when we are totally true to our being! You will never be a better person if you don’t get out there and do things you haven’t done before! The key is consistent growth and conditioning of yourself! We all want muscles, but we don’t want to work out consistently. Don’t be someone who wastes their time and be like  http/ a company that removes junk that acts like an obstacle. Continue reading


You can accomplish anything you want if you are willing to get to it. In this process you will realize what you are is not really what you are. What you might think you want, you figure out might be only part of the puzzle or something that isn’t even the end goal anymore.
The normal limitations human beings have, you don’t have to get tied by when you are in relentless mode You become something else, something that will even shock yourself, let alone the people around you or witnessing you.When you create enough reasons, you realize you will no longer get tired. You will become tireless because what you are aiming for is so compelling that you will go to any length to get it. That is some deeper level thinking if you want me to be honest with you. God, source, and spirit, take control of you at this point of the person you are meant to be born. I might get too far ahead of what many of you can comprehend, but take what I’m saying seriously and don’t dismiss it right away http:/ Continue reading



The only way forward is to decide you will put 200% percent into the development of your life. You must decide you want that dream so bad that you will sacrifice sleep, hanging, and doubters for the kind of world you see in your head. you are the light of the darkness and the reasoning for all that is good within you. Would you want to work for someone or yourself?
See everyone wants to be a boss, but they don’t want to the responsibilities and headaches that are associated with such a position. Talk is easy, but the action and steps to get to the boss positions are not! That is why 5% of the world are bosses, and the rest have to work for them. Working for someone isn’t bad if you love what you do and are being treated excellent, but that is not usually the case. If you are being depicted to do things that someone else needs you to do, then these are not your wishes, and it is very hard to be truly happy doing them. I think you should make your own destiny. You must be consistent and master this skill. People will not want you to succeed because they can’t do it themselves. You know what else doesn’t want you to win? Your BRAIN! Your brain doesn’t care about you succeeding; it only cares that you are alive and that you can pump out a couple of kids to keep your DNA strain going on into the future. Your brain doesn’t care about what you desire; that is not its job. When you first start on your own path, it will lie to you and trick you saying things like hey why are we putting our self through this? Why are we not doing what we have always done? Your brain will not like what changes you bring to it because it will not be what it’s used too. If you can turn your brain into a weapon for you and not against you, then you can do anything. It controls all factors and elements of what you are. If you can get this monster on your team and cooperating, then I don’t think there is anything that can stop you. That is why they say that you are your own worst enemy! If you ever heard that you have to tame the person in the mirror to be in line with you, then it comes down to the concept I just stated. You will have to change the way you view old habits, negative beliefs, and past experiences, that have made you who you are today. It is time to start shaping your very being into what it is that will make you happy. Read a lot of self-development books and structure your day around being a better person learning, and applying yourself to the best possible version of yourself. Thanks for joining me here today guys!!!



Dwayne Johnson is an amazing story of someone who was able to turn his life around for a better trajectory. If you don’t recognize the name then maybe “The Rock” will ring a bell. He was the biggest star in WWF the wrestling federation in the 90’s. He had an infamous feud with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. He shot his career through the roof. From what he gained with wrestling, he turned his next aims on acting. He played in movies like The Mummy, Tooth Fairy, and Fast and the Furious series. He has done a lot more than that, but we don’t need to exclaim every role he has had. In the rock’s early days he would watch his dad fight in the ring since his father was a wrestler. His grandfather was also a great wrestler as well. The thing is that he never had a plan of following his families foot steps. His thing was football, and he was doing great at the University Of Miami. Continue reading