Dwayne Johnson is an amazing story of someone who was able to turn his life around for a better trajectory. If you don’t recognize the name then maybe “The Rock” will ring a bell. He was the biggest star in WWF the wrestling federation in the 90’s. He had an infamous feud with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. He shot his career through the roof. From what he gained with wrestling, he turned his next aims on acting. He played in movies like The Mummy, Tooth Fairy, and Fast and the Furious series. He has done a lot more than that, but we don’t need to exclaim every role he has had. In the rock’s early days he would watch his dad fight in the ring since his father was a wrestler. His grandfather was also a great wrestler as well. The thing is that he never had a plan of following his families foot steps. His thing was football, and he was doing great at the University Of Miami. He suffered a major back injury that would put him out of the race for the NFL. This really put him back, and he would suffer from depression for the next few months of his life. Mr. Johnson was not someone who would be down for long, though. He made an executive decision to start training for wrestling, and it was probably one of the best decisions he ever made. Johnson has a daughter from his first marriage. He went through another marriage, and that failed as well, so the man is just taking it easy for now. He has really pulled himself together and professionally over his years in front of the camera. It’s great to see how he is doing all of this and keeping his family life out of the spotlight. If I met the man, I think I would have the utmost respect for who he is. I can’t wait to see what other movies he makes and what roles he plays. The likes of him Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell make me laugh and can really do a number together! Johnson is living in Florida and just motivating others to chase what they are looking for. True hero and champion all dues to the man, give him a round of applause and support his creative process. The Rock was a good topic to cover today, and I feel like this was time well spent. Okay, anyways guys I will be back to speak on more!!!CHOW!